Attention grabbing –

Time seems to slip through our fingers every day and many actions remain for tomorrow’s to do list, and this is the same for most of us. So given that everyone is doing more than one persons job or at least it feels like it, how do we grab the attention we need to get our messages across?

Well it’s like all relationship building, you have to talk sparingly and listen intently, and we all know what listening looks like and feels like don’t we guys?, and be persistent. Many marketing experts whom I have spoken to recently and whose books I have read, all appear to back this up, saying that we need to continue persuing our target relentlessly through an ongoing strategy of communication. We are building a relationship with our prospective customers so that when they are ready to spend, we are at the front of the queue and have built rapport and trust

How much do you want to grow your business and what are you prepared to invest?

No really, it’s a serious question. You most likely say that you want to grow your business and that there are barriers to achieving your goals, but what are you prepared to DO about it?

Look at it like this – There are ten frogs sitting on a log and one of them decides to jump off. How many are left?

So you are sharp and you noticed that there were ten frogs STILL sitting on the log, because despite making a decision, there was NO ACTION.

Back to my original question – have you made some decisions but not yet committed the action?

If one of your decisions was to grow your business and yet you are unsure of how, or you know how, but do not have the resources or skills in your business to ACT, you should reach out and outsource – find a trusted advisor.

Tweet tweet

The new marketing phenomena is firmly established. From my space to facebook, and the more business focused linkedin and ecademy, all these “social networking/social media” portals appear to be thriving with many many people totally bemused by the new wave. The big question of course is how much time should be dedicated to using these sites and of course what is the real value. I hear much positive chatter about these sites and indeed am using them myself, but the value is far from obvious in the circles I work in. Perhaps there are some alternative views – always keen to hear

Too scared to do anything?

The news every day does little to inspire risk taking for sure, but for many people I can see that it paralyses them completely, and instead of pursuing activities that will drive costs down, and improve efficiencies, they do absolutely nothing – I do find this curious, because it drives the opposite result to that which is REALLY desired – GROWTH and PROSPERITY.
Let’s all make sure we are part of the solution for driving this country into recovery and take some positive action today – reach out for help, and you will be surprised by the willing responses.