Know me

I’m here to help.

Graham Bunting at home

I started a business in mid-2017, having spent my working life thus far, in someone else’s organisation. That was OK, and lots learnt along the way, but I wanted something where I was able to influence rather more.

My business partner and I have known each other for almost 30 years and worked together several times over that period. We complement each other well, with some common skills and experiences, but some different approaches and outlooks.

Trust means a lot to me.

Trust is the foundation for all healthy relationships and is built over time through integrity and diligence. I cannot tell people to trust me, but I do believe that through my repeated actions and behaviours, I will demonstrate a worthiness that befits my beliefs.

Relationships are important to me and when I commit to one it is for the long-term. Not all of them work out, but they all help shape you, and for me, in business, I look for people who share my values (not who agree with everything I say and do), and where trust is the foundation.

I have a deep knowledge of the indirect sales channel regardless of the “product”, gained from decades working at all levels across the value chain and probably uniquely from strategic planning to operational execution.

I’m a husband to one, and father to five delightful children (three of them are no longer children, but independent adults) and my golden lab – Archie, who is always pleased to see me. (Edit) and since Feb 2021, a very proud and somewhat besotted Granddad to one