When is the right time to invest in training?

The Telecom industry is under-invested in training as a whole. This was the general feedback and view of many attendees of the recent Convergence Summit held at Sandown Park during a panel debate session. So why is this so? Do people generally feel that there is no need to invest in training because they already have all the skills they need to have? I’m sure that most of us need training and do generally welcome it, so why is this the case? Perhaps it’s as simple as not having sufficient training available to them… I’d be interested to know what holds us back in this area, because I know from first hand experience how valuable training is.

Free Training

free_5I was on a FREE training course last week – learning more about NLP as part of a diploma course, and surprise – the first 2 days were FREE of charge. If I like it, and want to learn more (take the final two days) I can do this for a small investment. Why am I writing this? Well a couple of reasons – first off, it was probably one of the best training courses I have attended, and I’ve attended a lot of courses, secondly, the gents running the course were very genuine and friendly and extremely competent. They knew the subject very well, and delivered a well paced and enjoyable course. I reckon it’s down to me now, to “try on” the learnings for size and make the most of this. If you want o know more – click the link Free training