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The new marketing phenomena is firmly established. From my space to facebook, and the more business focused linkedin and ecademy, all these “social networking/social media” portals appear to be thriving with many many people totally bemused by the new wave. The big question of course is how much time should be dedicated to using these sites and of course what is the real value. I hear much positive chatter about these sites and indeed am using them myself, but the value is far from obvious in the circles I work in. Perhaps there are some alternative views – always keen to hear

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  1. For totally freelance or small business owners I know that these business sites all all important for new information and contacts. I have recently finished making my products (five big budget audio-books) so now that I’ve turned to marketing, these social sites, especially linkedin are invaluable.

    It is agreed by all book sellers that the best way for a small publisher to market books is on the internet. So to answer the ‘big question’ of ‘How much time to spend on them?” If you’re promoting a new product, then as much as possilbe. Seth Godin had a team of 20 programers sleeping in the office, advertising new video games on the net by leaving articles, backlinks and blogs, pushing them into top sellers. I wish I had another 19 people on the net for my products.

    I’m happily doing 16 hours a day. I love my audio productions that has 17 top stars of the ’60s in them. So working on the PC, building an audience for my art, is as much fun as playing a Vegas video slot machine. Lots of hidden bonuses comes in the form of email, invites, offers to exchange help, fans of my past projects, etc.

    Of course, if you work for a company, then having a team to do it is more efficient, so that your time can be used managing, producing product and customers.

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