Our mission is to help VARS (value-added resellers), distributors and end-user customers connect with value and innovation to each other.

We work with some of the most disruptive and innovative startups and technology businesses around, to assist them with the task of connecting with their customers and partners. This places us in an enviable position of having access to some really cool stuff, and we certainly don’t want to keep it to ourselves. Take a look around and let us know how we can help or how you would like to collaborate with us. I am easily reached and you can find me here

Daktela Cloud Contact Centre solutions were formed in 2003, so not a new entrant by any means. They are however new to partnerships with the UK channel. Their mission is simple:

Our mission is to provide the best possible SaaS omnichannel, customer communication and contact centre solution, for a company of any size in Europe

Trust Partner Services has been retained to develop the UK channel relationships and so watch out for our comms – we want to talk to you if you’re developing your portfolio actively now

daktela cloud contact centre solutions
Daktela cloud contact centre

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A really innovative solution to address the need to connect people to information or resources at the moment they require it. Teleportivity enables you to be there even without being there. Enabling remote support and visual diagnosis as well as unmanned reception areas, plus wayfinding too. Click on the image to learn more

However capable you are, you should ensure you continue your trajectory by seeking out a coach to help you. Top achievers ensure they have a coach to keep them on track and make sure they continue to develop. Talent can flourish through careful observation and support. Click on the image to learn more


Oystashell is a UK innovator solving the issue of how to protect vulnerable hardware from attack. The oyster shell cover comes in several versions to address the slight variation in the situation, including external covers. Made from 3MM polycarbonate the material used for police riot Shields. These Shields are a retrofit solution allowing you to protect what is already installed and are easily fitted with no specialist skills

Oystashell protects your wifi access points anywhere

The “new economy” means we have become more demanding and the way in which we engage with companies continues to change. Take hospitality and restaurants for example, where finding a member of staff to place an order often seems frustrating. When you’re ready to leave and pay it can be equally frustrating to find a member of staff to present your payment, and often you find yourself short of time. Wi-Q enables businesses to empower customers to select, order and pay for their services themselves. leaving the staff free to focus on delivering the customers’ orders. The result is more orders more often and enhanced customer experience. And the best bit it’s an app-free solution. Click on the image to learn more

What gets measured gets done and if you can’t measure it, you cant manage it. Tools from BockDocs, Point Grab and UCentric, put the power of data into the hands of business owners. This ensures that they understand exactly what is happening in order to make informed business decisions. Click on the image to learn more