Cloud or premise based unified communications solutions

One of the greatest challenges to the debate over cloud hosted or on premise is the fact that most points of view are positioned through the eyes of the provider and with an understandable bias for their service.
Reality is that not everyone will buy the same services, because they either don’t really understand the value, appreciate the value, or for them it’s just not right, so refreshingly at SCC Workspace, we also do not care whether you choose an on premise solution or a cloud hosted one, because we provide either. Our role as we see it, is to act in an advisory capacity – to deeply understand your business model, issues in supporting that model and resources available to make the underlying technology work for you and provide the necessary flexibility to adapt and change. Our aim is to earn the right to be called your trusted adviser and to help you to buy the best solution for YOUR business.

To buy or not to buy – Unified Communications Online

Just been reading this post on UCExpo blog (penned by editor Guy Clapperton) and thought I’d re-share it here as I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the whole Unified Communications and Collaboration piece, and for me there is still too much uncertainty over what exactly is meant, and that is the point – there is no real universally accepted definition of what you get with UC – in fact I am writing a blog about this as we speak, so watch this space.

I’ve highlighted this piece from the article as I thought it a good summary, so here it is:

UC and what it means isn’t completely set. Three years ago including ‘social’ in it would have seemed a little avant garde, now it’s becoming mainstream. Procurement patterns are not settled either – hopefully this weeks posts will offer some insights into what different organisations are doing.”

via Graham Bunting’s blog at Ecademy

It’s a date – and unified too

If like me, over time, and with the prolific growth of new sites etc, you end up with multiple instances of “things” such as calendars.

You too may also use multiple input devices to book your time – I use a (laptop) PC when at home, along with an iPad and an android mobile device. I am using gmail increasingly moving away from my long standing hotmail account (because I like the way google is developing an elegant solution with integrated offerings that so far appear a better fit for me)

Add in facebook and it’s calendaring and it can become challenging to ensure you do not double-book or indeed miss a meeting.

I use as a public calendar to share availability which works very nicely and it pulls in feeds from your various calendars.

via Graham Bunting’s blog at Ecademy