Dr. Stephen Covey calls this “Sharpening the saw”, which is a great metaphor for training. In that particular story though, it is literally about sharpening the saw. For most of us, however, this is about staying sharp, and current. 

Here at Trust BP, we are “lifelong learners” and treat every day as a “school day”.

“Things have changed” – is a true statement that should serve to keep us on our toes and focused on staying ahead of the pack, or in some cases, getting on the journey with those who have already started.

The following are areas that we are looking to help in

  • Sales training – targeted primarily at those new to sales, or business owners needing to understand how to create sales opportunities and how to manage the sales process. How sales and marketing are symbiotic in their engagement and the importance of following a consistent approach
  • Coaching – Leading and managing are often neglected when it comes to training and coaching and can in fact be a lonely place. Having a coach is a prerequisite for top-class athletes and sportsmen and women, so why not for top-class business leaders and managers. Feels like we’re setting you up to fail, doesn’t it? Don’t be that statistic and ask about how we provide that much-needed assistance