We need more sales!!

Evolving your business to keep pace or get ahead isn’t easy, but it is simple

Skills for the job at hand

When you are in need of know how and resources as a smaller business, what do you do?

Some people will research (Google it), and get views on what to do and how to do it, and often then have a a go themselves, and it will (almost always) fail.

There are many, many reasons why this is the case, but a few here to capture the idea.

  • Already maxed out with no spare time to fulfil current responsibilities and make time for family at home
  • Rarely will you move from the 30000 ft view of the research because of the first point
  • Reading about it can be incredibly useful, but it hardly ever provides enough information to be able to “take a stab at it”, and we all know how that ends up- right?
  • Actually the reason you are not a salesman or woman already, is because you don’t like the job. Doing a job you don’t like? Well we know how that plays out don’t we?

So whats the best solution?

Working with someone who can operate as a fractional sales leader (to help sort the sales and marketing strategic direction) and then guide and deliver the “What to do” and “How to do it” so the job gets done properly.

In reality you might only require this resource for a day a week after an initial “let’s get started” few days calibrating and agreeing needs against goals.

What our clients say about us

Why did you engage us?

– We engaged you as we know you as a pillar in the comms community. This includes many years working in various arenas, and at many levels. You have earned great respect within the community, and your experience is priceless. As your company name suggests, you are a person that we can ‘TRUST’. 

How has it played out for you?

 Wonderfully. It has given us a confidence in ourselves which was not expected, but gratefully received

What is the biggest impact you have experienced as a result of hiring us?

We have noticed a significant increase in the partnership engagements that have been as a direct result of your coaching and introductions. Visibility of our business within the channel also appears to be growing.

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