Personal leadership

I really like these two words when presented as they are here. It represents accountability and self mastery to me and talks of being in control and making it happen.
Over the years I have been in the business world I have witnessed many different styles and approaches to day to day challenges and issues and sadly too many of those involve waiting for someone else to provide the stimulus to act. I’m not blaming the individuals at all, as more often than not people are simply a result of their experiences and constantly being told that “you can’t do that” over time has a lasting impact.
I consider myself very fortunate to have been given some guidance early in my career that put me on track. I remember clearly being told that if I expected things to change I must first look at myself and begin there. This led me to invest time in continual personal development and one man in particular Dr Stephen R Covey, whose 7 habits of highly effective people was, for me a life-changing experience. Learning that you never have to do anything is indeed liberating. So to the title here- it’s up to us all individually to face up to the personal responsibility of personal leadership rather than abdicate to someone else who really doesn’t care like you should.

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