Being “OPEN”

What does this mean…..for you?
I posed the question as I did on purpose in order to demonstrate the point that for all of us, we have a unique perspective that may be similar or indeed very different from the next person’s view. For me, this means allowing myself to be influenced by others as frequently as possible- not to be confused with brain washing or lacking personal thinking. By doing so, I can allow myself a shift in view that can often be hugely enlightening and useful. For instance, imagine a situation where you are in the thick of battle (work place) and a potential supplier is asking for a meeting… You rebuff the approach because you are just too busy. The sales guy takes his proposition elsewhere and your problems remain… What if you had been more open? You may have discovered that the potential supplier had just what you needed!
I guess in the final analysis, it is a personal choice to be closed or open. What will you choose?

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