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I am a highly experienced, energetic, persistent and innovative senior sales professional/sales leader with 25 (plus), successful years of sales and leadership experience, developing and managing sales teams and winning new business with and through partner channels to deliver profitable revenue growth through an approach of clarity, openness and flexibility. I am by nature inquisitive and enquiring and whole-heartedly embrace any technology that enhances our experiences. Fun is an important element of work/life for me, so whilst I am deadly serious about the business of business, I do like to work in an environment that is fun to be in. I am very much a people person and fundamentally believe that it is the people in an organisation that make it a success or otherwise. I thrive in team environments - creating, developing and galvanising individuals into coordinated teams is my forte, and I thrive on a fast-paced dynamic environment, where great people challenge and ultimately deliver high quality results for demanding customers. I am a real customer advocate and hold a firm belief that in the customer economy in which we live today, World Class performance is the only option to retain (and grow) customers. If we get it wrong, we say so quickly and act to reach a remedy. I am a catalyst – connecting and coordinating people and opportunities. I am a motivator and inspire people to be the best that they can be through coaching and mentoring. One of my favourite "quotes" is Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, with a beer in one hand, shouting "Whoo, what a ride!!" Views here are my own


Last week I visited #ISE for the very first time and was totally blown away by the scale of the event and moreover the attendance. The Rai in Amsterdam was mobbed, and every hall was the same. The biggest names in the tech space were there showing their wares and visitors from businesses small and large were taking the opportunity to evaluate the latest offerings.

Nureva took a large space in hall 11 to showcase Nureva Span and Nureva HDL300, both previewing new release functionality for the coming months. I’ve signposted a few videos from Rave Publications Youtube channel which provide a taste of what’s to come – if you want to stay in touch then fill out your details below and we’ll keep you updated

New release features for Nureva Span
Introducing Active Zone control on Nureva HDL300

Heath Robinson vs HDL300

When it comes to ensuring your meeting room technology does what is required, do you find yourself being creative in order to accommodate the poor audio available with your current set-up? Would Heath be proud of your ingenuity, and does it offer you and your meeting attendees what’s required? If so, congratulations, you’ve made a silk purse from a sow’s ear so to speak. If you are still having issues with being heard in a remote meeting, then you should consider the HDL300 from Nureva – THIS IS WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED FOR.

The problem with most meeting room audio technology, it was designed for people to sit around a table facing the microphones, and not moving around or facing away. Some vendors offered solutions involving multiple hardware microphones which require expensive setup and calibration – they work but empty your pockets quite rapidly.

Nureva looked at this problem and figured there was a need for additional microphones in the meeting space – in fact they opted for 8192 microphones in total, but wait – these are not physical microphones, but very cleverly designed virtual microphones that ensure wherever you are moving within the meeting space, you can be clearly heard. Microphone mist, as they are calling it, offers an affordable solution to meeting room misery

If you need convincing – just book a remote demo and see and hear for yourself how this innovative solution brings the humble meeting room into the 21st century

How do I stay on top of the constant changes?


Whatever your perspective, I think we would all probably agree, that for the IT and Telecoms reseller, things have certainly changed, and continue to do so. The vendor landscape continues to evolve too, with new vendors appearing, with innovative offerings, and many established vendors consolidating as they vie for position in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

For the consumers of the technology (the customers), things are forever changing too. Factors affecting their businesses are arriving at such a pace, and with their business cost base being under constant pressure, many are running on very lean staffing numbers. This compounds to effect somewhat.

What we have is more change and a greater pace of change, more vendors, more innovation, fewer staff, greater challenges and the same amount of time in each and every day.

How does a business stay on top of all of this and remain current with technology that can give them an advantage, or stop them being exposed, as well as attract and retain staff as a great place to work.

In life, and in business, for me, it’s about relationships – building trusted relationships, where over time you can outsource some of this to a specialist or specialists – ensuring you can focus on the business of running your business – and generally, the smaller specialist businesses are more likely to offer you the long term relationship building opportunity, as they are more often than not, owner-run and they are therefore unlikely to leave the business to work at a competitor, leaving you with the what to do dilema.

#ShopLocal #BuyLocal #SupportLocal #TrustInPartnerships

Accreditation – A burden or a blessing

Vendor accreditation programmes – who are they really for?

1. Customers?
2. Channel partners?
3. Vendors?
4. All three?

Why does a customer care if their supplier is accredited by the vendor of the product, solution or service?
Why does a channel partner care whether they are Bronze, Silver, or Gold certified?
Why does the vendor need to create training and certification material, courses, tests etc?

It all sounds a lot of work, so why does anyone bother?

There must be some significant value in order to motivate everyone to care enough to get engaged – so what is it?

Customers are what this is all about! Customers require good advice from well informed representatives from the channel community and the channel community cannot rely on the resources of the vendor at every engagement they have, so the channel partners need to become equally well informed – This requires training and testing, which is great for the vendor, because they end up with well informed channel partners representing them and provides the scale required to develop more market coverage. In addition, an accreditation programme usually has a volume\revenue related metric, which rewards the successful sales partner – more of a value component than a quality component and an often thorny topic for engineering heavy partners with lots of skills but not too many new sales. Customers are usually able to see for themselves what partner accreditations are for channels and select based on a value\quality blend. In reality most customers want to know they will be well looked after rather than well sold to.
For the vendor, an accreditation programme provides a sense for channel partner commitment levels and focus on their portfolio, and training enables current knowledge to be maintained and product knowledge to be broadly well ingrained. The more a channel partner commits to one vendor programme, the less time and resources they will have for competing offers – stands to reason. So vendors see this as an important dynamic for developing partner commitments. Ultimately this enables scale and quality delivery for the customers and commitment for the vendor, with the reseller having the ability to wrap services and complementary products to their solution.