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Is your web traffic secure at a hotspot? Don’t know – BBC watchdog does!

It’s not so easy to sit comfortably over a coffee while reading emails or browsing websites in places like Starbucks since Watchdog pointed out how easy it is for fraudsters to hack into your laptop. The convenience of these wifi hotspots has become such a normal part of our everyday lives that it’s hard to give up, so it’s tempting to trust the computer firewall and lapse into a false sense of security again. Read more at BBC web site and http://www.geid.co.uk

Snow place like home

Many of us were “gazing out of windows” at home yesterday feeling empowered by the snow….What empowered by the snow?

Many years ago, folks would have simply not been able to work at all in weather conditions like these because they could not GET TO WORK, and businesses would have lost thousands of hours of productivity and £££££s as a result. But like me, many folks are location independent, and work is no longer a place that you go to, you simply work wherever you are, and for many people this means a room at home. It could equally mean a quiet corner for an hour in Starbucks smile

Flexible working offers a new paradigm to businesses around the globe – take presenteeism for example ( a phrase coined by the BBC I think), whereby people returning to work before they are properly recovered from sickness, infect other members at work – resulting in further lost productivity and more cost ££££££….Now the ability to work remotely allows folks, recovering from illness, but not actually too sick to work the ability to be productive without infecting their colleagues

Remote working – has it’s benefits and (I’m certain) it’s detractors too – what do you think – rather be in the garden building snowmen?