Profiteering surely?

Well it’s not often that I rant, but boy am I all riled. I have booked my car in for a service this week, and I can’t help getting a strong senbse that becasue the tightening economy and folks not investing much in new cars, that the main dealers are absolutely taking the p*%$ with servicing costs to make up the deficit. Are they prepared to negotiate – Hell no – “it’s fixed price servicing sir” is what I’m told. I’m between a rock and a hard place really because I took the car on a personal contract plan, so taking it for a service at the independent garage down the road could cost me (it might not, but can’t afford conversation about invalidating warranties) Grrrr I feel incensed 😦

2 thoughts on “Profiteering surely?

  1. Hi Graham,

    you should look at servicing your car abroad..may sound expensive but think about this. Go on great holiday to a hotel or gite in france, put the car in for a service at a manufacturer franchised garage costs me upto 60% less on the man hours! Still have the manufacture warrantee and full service history. My family do this every year and save a fortune, it paid for my uncle’s ferry crossing (over £200!).

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