Why your home office isn’t what you need!

Ideally your workspace at home should be a separate space to your living accommodation. It allows for separation, so you can, well, separate your work from your home set up.

There are many reasons this is a good idea, and we’ve all had time to reflect on this during the COVID pandemic haven’t we? For many this period of home working has been a blessing and a curse.

Having the opportunity to avoid lengthy commutes to the office in crowded trains etc, has been for many a huge relief, but this has been hard for those of us who do not have a dedicated workspace. A study, or converted spare room have been a boon, whereas setting up in the dining room, or on the kitchen counter has been sub optimal at best.

We’re seeing a surge in people investing in solutions like a garden offices, where the space is dedicated to work set ups, which can be left overnight as your commute up the garden path home gives you separation. The garden office can be permanently equipped just like your office is, and you can be equally undisturbed and undisturbing for the rest of the family.

Doing this successfully does require some fundamentals like furniture and technology, all fit for purpose.

Corporate bods are welcoming the enterprise of having ready-to-go solutions wrapped elegantly with business finance options that leverage tax breaks and government relief at the time it’s most needed. Employees get a fantastic, useful additional space at home that adds value to their property too.

Sounds like a win/win doesn’t it?

Find out more here

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