My twitter rules of engagement

Before reading this, please be aware that I possess a sharp sense of fun and am learning as I blunder through life 🙂

I got some good advice today after seeking out an expert in this field as a result of encountering a situation which I was puzzled by. So here I am setting out for peeps how I engage and whom I choose to follow and why. Also some of the things you can expect from me and those you probably shouldn’t expect.

Clear? Good

So why am I using twitter? I am embracing the social media/social networking wave and use many different platforms to connect with new people as well as develop existing friendships and relationships. I actually have no particular END GAME just to connect, share, learn and be part of what the internet has enabled. Through embracing the connectedness that social networking has enabled, I have made new friendships, business contacts and learnt many new things. In fact my INLPTA diplomas in sales, coaching and leadership were all as a direct result of using social networking.

So, to my rules of engagement: (in no particular order) 🙂

>I am here to share, learn, meet new people, converse, help people, collaborate, and have some fun.

>I follow people based upon what I read, how I see people operating, what their stated aims might be, how aligned or different I see us- and many other random factors.

>I do NOT follow people because you ask me too? I am however always delighted to listen to recommendations with a reason, but do not practice I follow you because you follow me. I may well follow you, but it’s not a “given”.

>I also do not expect you to follow me back just because I have chosen to follow you- I am an adult able to make my own independant decisions and choices for which I hold only myself accountable 🙂

>I do reply and engage with people, if I’m on-line, in real-time, otherwise when I can.

>I will retweet interesting items, important information, and notices. Happy to RT if asked and providing it isn’t offensive and isn’t at odds with my values or beliefs.

>I will ONLY recommend you if I have a personal reason to do so, and not because you have asked me to, or because you have recommended me. Why? how can I possibly be expected to recommend you unless I really believe you have something of interest to people… I do not recommend anyone unless I have good reason to – a personal positive experience for example. I expect the same treatment in return and will not ask for a recommendation, but am always grateful for them if deserved.

I do hope this is read by you with the good spirit I have written it with, to provide clarity and assurance of my intent. Also to serve in setting expectations. And feedback of course welcome.

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