Language- limiting or success oriented?

Listen to language – its very enlightening. You can hear the self-limiting beliefs that people have “become attached to” and really own. People will argue for their weaknesses and guard them like a highly prized possession. And yet these are actions that hold us back ultimately from where we desire to be and certainly from where we could be. For example, I recently heard some of the following statements which I’m certain you’ll recognise.

I can’t do that because…
Well that’s me…
He makes me so mad…
I can’t help worrying…

Can you see the patterns here? These comments are firmly in the effect area and they are often caused by our belief systems and experiences. One of the best examples of this I heard was during a recent meeting where we were discussing our children. My friend (name withheld to protect identity) started to describe a series of conversations he had had with his son whom was described as a trifle lazy. In fact he had said to his son frequently “you are so lazy”. During a later encounter he had asked his son WHY he wasn’t doing something, to which his son casually replied “it’s because I’m lazy dad”! Talk about give a dog a bad name. I think this is a good illustration of language and it’s impact.

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