Your customers are buying this from someone else

You have put a ton of effort into finding and winning those customers that you have, and now you’re just going to leave them to source their technology and services elsewhere – is that right?

You are not a Jack of all trades?

I see?

So what are you then?

Its worth thinking about isn’t it? To consider what your value proposition is to your customers and how you help them with technology and advice, so that they get the most from the investments they have made with you and appreciate your value-add for future consulting, advice and services ..

Koopid is vertical agnostic, and we are seeing opportunities to help with customer engagement for many different industries. I will develop this post with different examples, but starting here with Hospitality


Koopid is a SaaS offering that enables your customers to delight their customers.

Because Customers dislike:
  • Waiting in call queues and listening to Greensleeves (a bit out of date I know, but making a point here).
  • Going in circles with webchat bots that are extremely limited.
  • Communication silos – messaging you via Twitter or Facebook and finding you can’t help me because it’s a departmentally “run” channel and disconnected from the business’s main operations.
  • Hitting the buffers on the channel I start the conversation in, and having to start all over on a different channel or start queuing again.
  • Being told that you cant talk to me.
Agents dislike
  • Angry or frustrated customers “taking it out on them”.
  • Repetitive and mundane engagements.
  • Lack of tools to do their jobs effectively.
Organisations dislike
  • Unhappy customers.
  • Unhappy agents.
  • High operational costs.
  • High transaction costs.
  • Inefficiencies.

Would love to hear from you and if you want to learn more – drop me a line here:

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