Sorry, I can’t hear you….

I daresay, we’ve all experienced the issues that traditional meeting room audio presents. You can’t always be heard by the remote parties and so the meetings become somewhat dysfunctional.

The traditional meeting room consists of a television screen, a camera, and an audio device. The latter generally offers a very directional capability – fine if you’re all able to huddle around it. Increasingly however, as we collaborate and need to share information, sitting mannequin-like around a table just doesn’t cut it.

So the answer lies in innovative audio technology from Nureva.

The solution is to ensure that there are more microphones in the meeting space. Nureva manage this with their “microphone mist” technology, which uses software to flood the meeting space with virtual microphones. This clever technology self-calibrates and delivers 8192 virtual microphones ensuring that the meeting participants within the meeting room can be heard by the remote parties wherever they move within the room.

This technology is set to revolutionise the meeting experience for remote parties, and productivity is set to soar.

The great news for those who want to”hear it for themselves” is that they can do so without ever leaving their office chair.

Ask me how

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