What do you do when your friends need your help?


“Your only child has a malignant brain tumour.” The words no parent ever wants to hear, but sadly that is exactly what Steve and Anita Purvey were told a few weeks ago. Their son James had the tumour removed but was discovered to have Metastatic Medullblastoma (CANCER). It is inoperable. Therefore, James is now facing a long and tough battle to survive.

Steve and Anita have learned of some pioneering Proton Radiation treatment but it is only available in the USA. It is a very aggressive treatment with long term side effects but necessary for any chance of survival especially with Jamie’s High Risk Medullblastoma.

However, they need to get James to the USA for up to three months, and become short term resident there to see the treatment through and it’s estimated that this will cost £250,000 – £300,000.

So, I am asking you to consider a donation of any amount even if it’s just a few pence and then to share this. If you can’t personally donate please just share this with anyone you know.

We are also looking for auction prizes for an upcoming fundraising event so if you can or know anyone who can donate a prize, please get in touch.

If you do want to make a donation please visit http://www.justgiving.com/jamiesfund

To know more you can visit http://www.jamiesfund.com/

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