Be Audacious (look it up in the dictionary)

It seems counter intuitive to me that at a time where speed is of the essence, so many people within organisations are increasingly slow to make decisions.

Am I being extremely unfair given the tough economic conditions that we are currently experiencing? Is it simply fear that is driving caution, and inactivity? Possibly! However, the issue is less about what is happening, and much more about how we choose to act as a result of the causation.

Opportunityisnowhere – You’ve probably seen this before, so apologies if you have… What do you see, when you look at the words joined together at the start of this sentence….honestly – Did you see Opportunity is nowhere or did you see Opportunity is now here?

If you are frozen by fear, you probably should be shaking yourself out of it and making a decision to move forwards boldly and with audacity, because the spoils are to the bold and brave who dare to succeed and move with velocity whilst their competition are inactive worrying what to do next. When they do make a decision, you could have made significant ground. Go on be AUDACIOUS, and you will be glad you did.

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