Is it always the strongest who survive?

Darwin wrote that it wasn’t necessarily the strongest who survive, but the most adaptable- this is as true today from my perspective in business as it was for Darwin when he originally wrote it.
It has never been particularly easy to find new customers who want your product or service. The process of finding and meeting new customers is in itself not difficult. Most companies using a traditional mix of marketing including cold calling and telesales. These traditional methods are growing less effective as it is so easy for people to find the products or service they require through a 5 minute search on the internet, or more readily through an established relationship.
Creating a loyal following through exploiting the web and creating a valuable relationship is the smart way to build a future pipeline. When these “followers” have a need for your services, you will be on hand, trust and value already established, to solve their problem. But you already knew this- right? So what stopped you doing something about it? Time, resource, etc etc. There is plenty of evidence to show that this is a sensible approach, so perhaps it’s time you took steps. Http://

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