Where is life’s journey taking you?

I am philosophically thinking about my life as a journey and how all of the various experiences are shaping me into who I am today, and what I will be tomorrow. Very rarely do we get the time and opportunity to do this naval gazing, and yet I have been fortunate in getting the chance. By the way, I think the phrase “it’s not what happens to us, but how we respond to it that matters” is a great example of the fact that we often have very little influence over “things” that happen to us in life, BUT, we absolutely can choose how we respond to them!

Back to my opening comment – through the opportunity of redundancy, I took the chance to review and evaluate my life’s journey, and think about “ME PLC” in many different ways – what I stand for and what’s important to me etc. This part of my journey has been both very important and enlightening in that I have learnt much more about me. In so doing, I have built value into my future work opportunities: Grafting onto my sales/leadership/team expertise, with 2 qualifications from INLPTA – a Coaching diploma and a Leadership diploma rich in Neuro Linguistic Programming language.

I also learnt that whilst I do have a strong independent streak, I also enjoy a working environment that enable rich people interaction and that enables me to take my experience and share with other people though mentoring and coaching and general interaction.

I am thinking much more now about the journey and hope that people reading this will take this as a catalyst for them to take more control.

2 thoughts on “Where is life’s journey taking you?

  1. I enjoy reading your post, keep posting like this informative article, I’ll be back to read your next posting :). Thanks

  2. Thanks for reading and more importantly for taking the trouble to comment. I appreciate it and will do my best to write appealing blogs. Thanks again 😉

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