GDPR Training

GDPR Training Modules

In partnership with Bolt learning, Trust Business Partners & Gecko Compliance are offering a simple, interactive online training module to provide you with clear guidelines on the GDPR compliance obligations.

Who is this course for?

We offer two levels of GDPR eLearning modules, to provide all employees, regardless of their level of direct involvement with GDPR, with critical online training on the changes to GDPR EU Legislation and what it means to them.

GDPR – Awareness for All 

Our Awareness for All module is perfect for your employees, giving an overall insight into what the GDPR will mean to them and highlighting areas that they should be aware of.

Module Pricing

Number of employees Price per employee
1-50 £20
51-100 £16
101-500 £14
501-1,000 £12
1001-5,000 £10
5,000-10,000 £8

GDPR – Advanced Awareness

Our Advanced Awareness module is aimed at mid to high-level management positions and appointed Data Protection Officers. This goes deeper into the changes that the GDPR introduces and highlights the obligations that your business must be aware of.

Number of employees Price per employee
1-10 £50
11-25 £46
26-100 £42
101-250 £38
251+ £POE

The training module fee includes a one-year license.  The course is hosted on our partner’s learning management system (LMS).

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