It’s happened – I’ve “become”

Is it just me becoming the inevitably grumpy old man, or are there others who see what I see when they encounter the Out Of Office email response!
To be precise I’m not bemoaning all OOO responses, some are delightfully informative and helpful. After all if you know that you are going to be in a long meeting, it’s actually helpful to know who to go to in your absence.
What I am referring to are those “I’m not in the office therefore I’m incapacitated and the device you know I’m carrying no longer functions or I’m simply having a lazy day away from all the hustle and bustle but trying to kid you all I’m so busy that communication is simply impossible” out of office replies.
I’m not sure exactly what these say about the person brushing us off – are they saying we should believe communication with us is now impossible without some miracle, or are they assuming that all but them know that the technology has not only been around and in use for many years but is now indeed mainstream.
I think at the core I feel somewhat insulted and agitated that anyone would think this is an acceptable way to (un)communicate….. There rant over!

After all – What do I know?