Solutions for Education

Education – an artificial intelligence powered student, staff and visitor engagement tool that can be deployed in a matter of just days and brings together all of your #Digital channels into one tool for elegant orchestration of amazing Customer Experiences (#CX).

Imagine you are a student looking for information as you are considering enrolling with a university for example.

Instead of calling the “main site number” you can access a menu of information and engagement options to browse at your leisure and to access on whatever channel you prefer – The Web, or one of the incredibly popular social channels like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as examples.

Here is an example of a journey you can create for visitors and you can even personalise to students, staff or parents for example:

The unpredictability of inbound calls and requests can prove unmanageable and callers waiting in a queue can gain in unhelpfully negative impression of your establishment through this experience.

Automation intelligently orchestrated allows visitors to check out whatever information is available much more easily and without needing to wait in a call queue. However, for those callers who do require a more detailed “touch”, a route into a live human discussion is easily executable, even moving to a video call if required.

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