Koopid AI

Omni-Channel Virtual Assistant

Let our Intelligent Virtual Assistants do the talking.

  • Deploy a single virtual assistant to orchestrate experiences across all channels – voiceemailwebmobile and consumer messaging.
  • Respond to spoken or typed intent with contextual and visually rich experiences.
  • Resolve most customer queries with self-service workflows.
Collaborative Live Assist

It’s like giving your agents superpowers

  • Hand off conversations between Agents and Virtual Assistants without losing context.
  • Leverage our A.I driven contextual intelligence to reduce repetitive work for agents.
  • Enable agents to collaborate on the web or mobile interface while chatting or speaking with the customer.
Contact Center Digital Overlay

Resolve customer issues through conversational self-service

  • Integrate secure mobile messaging, web chat, click-to-call, video and collaboration into your contact center.
  • Accelerate customer resolutions through personalized self-service workflows on mobilewebchat and voice.
  • Deflect from static IVR options to a dynamic, visually engaging experience on the smartphone.

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Leverage A.I to curate consistent, personalized and empathetic experiences in real-time

  • Smart Messaging core enables text, rich UI objects, voice and video communication and meta-data exchange.
  • A high-performance database persists all interaction context, self-service data and live conversations, enabling sophisticated visualizations and machine learning optimizations.


Deliver seamless journeys across digital and voice channels

  • Setup smart transitions from self-service to live service using a sophisticated rules engine.
  • Integrate with existing contact centers using built in telephony integrations.
  • Connect CX workflows to CRM and Helpdesk systems for end-to-end service integration.

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