Putting Trust in Ascentae and Nureva

There are very few occasions in life when you find yourself working with a technology solution that is truly revolutionary and market disruptive, and this is certainly the case with the Nureva portfolio of solutions from Ascentae here in the UK. 

The last time I had this sense was when I joined SDX Business Systems back in 1993, and they subsequently disrupted the telecoms market with the launch of the INDeX platform – I was there.

The Nureva suite, if I can call it that, is beautifully simple, yet equally challenging to describe (SPAN certainly can be), and like a great audio device, or image, lose something in the description that can only truly be appreciated through experiencing them.

Nureva and Ascentae at ISE2019
Sticky notes become digital

Let me attempt to tease you with some titbits here that will cause you to consider how you can benefit in your organisation from their introduction and invite you to request a demonstration

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