STOP You’re doing it all wrong

How many of us have used a chatbot on a website when we felt it might be quicker than waiting in the call queue, or in some cases where you just could NOT find a phone number anywhere to call!? But it was an unmitigated disaster! The BOT was more of a NOT as it … Continue reading STOP You’re doing it all wrong

We need more sales!!

Evolving your business to keep pace or get ahead isn’t easy, but it is simple Skills for the job at hand When you are in need of know how and resources as a smaller business, what do you do? Some people will research (Google it), and get views on what to do and how to … Continue reading We need more sales!!

Who cares about modernisation?

Your customers do!! Queuing isn’t fashionable amongst customers these days. When we want to contact an organisation, we want to achieve an outcome pretty quickly, without friction, which includes not queuing and listening to repetitive messages telling us how valuable our call is and that all agents are currently helping customers!!! I don’t care! I … Continue reading Who cares about modernisation?

I’ve got all the technology I need ok!

It often feels like there’s always someone trying to sell us something doesn’t it? And that’s certainly true to some degree, because there’s always something new to be sold. That’s the nature of innovation and progress. However, there’s often a lot of great technology already invested within a business, but it’s just not been put … Continue reading I’ve got all the technology I need ok!

Pinch Punch it’s December 1st

Here we are again, another month has passed and my creative juices have been at work to continue the story of Covid, lockdown and customer experience around the Contact Centre. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts Pinch punch it’s December the First, The government and COVID is equally cursed. We’re done with this now … Continue reading Pinch Punch it’s December 1st


Connecting people with information and support, live at point of need wherever you are and whenever you require it, in a really innovative way A short video explainer courtesy of Diversified showing a couple of the great use-cases for the Teleportivity solution. For more information – please contact me using the form below


Our mission is to help VARS (value-added resellers), distributors and end-user customers connect with value and innovation to each other. We work with some of the most disruptive and innovative startups and technology businesses around, to assist them with the task of connecting with their customers and partners. This places us in an enviable position … Continue reading Solutions to partner with Trust

Trust are delighted to be partnering with in the UK and EMEA region Trust Business Partners announced that it has expanded its strategic partnerships through a new agreement with Koopid Inc., an AI-powered Customer Experience Orchestration platform, designed to enable seamless self-service customer journeys. Trust Business Partners will be the face of Koopid in … Continue reading to partner with Trust

Coronavirus and the dispersed workforce

There are it seems, hundreds of different job categories And I dare say that with all the subcategories an order of magnitude more. The location at which your work is conducted does vary enormously upon the services you are providing, for example in the retail space with the exception of online services it’s very much … Continue reading Coronavirus and the dispersed workforce