Trust Business Partners

We help businesses, large and small to establish and operationalise Sales Partnerships for growth. Trust Business Partners is your “go-to” channel (and sales and marketing) development organisation for vendors and distributors wanting to access the UK and European IT and telecoms channels. We help you to establish, and enable your sales channels and increase coverage … Continue reading Trust Business Partners

It’s just not worth the effort

Unless you’re prepared to give 100% 100% focus, commitment and attention is what’s required to build a sales and support channel go to market model. We’ve seen several businesses decide to acquire channel partners to build their business with. Their failure has been lack of understanding and commitment to the task at hand. Giving it … Continue reading It’s just not worth the effort

STOP You’re doing it all wrong

How many of us have used a chatbot on a website when we felt it might be quicker than waiting in the call queue, or in some cases where you just could NOT find a phone number anywhere to call!? But it was an unmitigated disaster! The BOT was more of a NOT as it … Continue reading STOP You’re doing it all wrong

Squirrels LLC puts their Trust in experienced hands

Squirrels LLC is committed to improving how people present, collaborate and interact with the devices they use every day through the use of cutting-edge and easy-to-use software. The company is supplying the world with long-overdue alternatives to outdated HDMI/VGA cables, overpriced hardware and under-performing technology. A number of first-of-its-kind software advancements have solidified Squirrels as … Continue reading Squirrels LLC puts their Trust in experienced hands

We need more sales!!

Evolving your business to keep pace or get ahead isn’t easy, but it is simple Skills for the job at hand When you are in need of know how and resources as a smaller business, what do you do? Some people will research (Google it), and get views on what to do and how to … Continue reading We need more sales!!

Who cares about modernisation?

Your customers do!! Queuing isn’t fashionable amongst customers these days. When we want to contact an organisation, we want to achieve an outcome pretty quickly, without friction, which includes not queuing and listening to repetitive messages telling us how valuable our call is and that all agents are currently helping customers!!! I don’t care! I … Continue reading Who cares about modernisation?